Cloud PBX Infrastructure

PBX Voice - One Way Audio


We believe this to have occurred as part of a larger network issue and are rolling it up into the issue that occurred today. This issue is in itself resolved by the repair of the larger network problem.


This issue has occurred again within the last hour. We are currently making some more configuration changes to the system and monitoring for fault. An update(s) will be provided as we progress.


Earlier in the day engineers had added a call transport for Starlink connected handsets. This transport leaked into regular calling profiles and caused one way voice issues. Engineers live-rolled back the changes to resolve the issue and will investigate the root cause of the transport leak at a non customer impacting time.

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Calls into and out of some PBX connected customers on one of our Cloud PBX servers are experiencing one way audio issues. These consist of one party being able to hear the other but not the other way around.